Giuliana Tomassoni

Via Battisti 33
Senigallia (AN)

+39 071 65646 - +39 328 1708221
Speaks English, French
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from € 600 to € 5000
All the region


My name is Giuliana and along with my staff we have been telling your love stories for 40 years. I love to elegantly capture emotions using various styles ranging from innovative to posed photo shoots. My passion for the art of photography means I take care of every detail with professionalism and dedication. I'm always looking for exclusive fresh ideas in order to provide you with a high quality product.

My philosophy is to put Love in my work, I like to think that you will feel all the films and photo albums I make are made with love.


Giuliana offers for your wedding:

  • Wedding box

  • Wedding usb flash drive

  • Handpainted album

  • Book album

  • Traditional album

  • Album design

  • Wall album

  • Virtual Album

  • Photo Proofs

  • Trailer film

  • High resolution files

  • Parents' albums

  • Relatives' albums

  • Witness' album

  • Parents film

  • FULL HD film

  • Personalised participations

  • Aerial footage with Drone

  • Pre-wedding and post-wedding

  • Photos of guests delivered during the day

  • Photo booth

  • Photo graphics

  • Video graphics

* The pre-wedding service is a photo shoot done with the spouses before their wedding. It's a nice general test. We can then use the photos of the pre-wedding for the participations, the tableau de mariage and more.


Giuliana Tomassoni Photos and Videos offers you an unmissable offer:

Album Package 1000 €

Complete photo shoot + book album or traditional album + wedding box with jewellery usb flash drive at just 1000 euros!

Our 2700 € Diamond package includes:

  • Photographer from preparations to the end of the party (12 hours coverage)

  • Video Operator from preparations to the end of the party (12 hours coverage)

  • Delivery within a few days of the proofs, all shots of the day with about 2000 shots with linear post-production

  • Traditional Album or Photo Album, about 100 photos with post-production and personalised page design

  • 2 Parent Albums

  • FULL HD Wedding Film featuring Dolby music, original sound and effects, personalised music and style

  • Display case design

  • Jewellery usb flash drive

  • Unedited film provided

  • 2 films for parents