Ristorante Orso

Contrada Foce Asola 28/A
Civitanova Marche (MC)

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from € 53 to € 53
fino a 1 600 invitati
hill with seaview
meat and fish
sugared almonds table
wedding cake
ceremony on site


Harmoniously inserted in the green hills above Civitanova Marche and the Adriatic Sea, Orso restaurant, since 1977, represents professionalism in the art of receiving.


Inside two large parksperfectly equipped for buffets and dinners and enriched by beautiful fountains, the hotel is modern and elegant; it has four rooms (Imperial - Flowers - Liberty - Elite) to allow you to choose the most suitable for your needs and style of receipt.

"Imperial" is located on the ground floor of the restaurant. After the recent renovation, it has become synonymous with elegance, beauty and innovation. Even if it was an already comfortable environment, were, in fact, added styling details such as the walls entirely hand-painted, customizable lighting with spotlights and Swarovski crystal chandeliers, the professional audio/video with large screen for multimedia projections and a LED monitor located in the new entrance hall. Outside there is a large gazebo for dinners and buffets. The maximum capacity is 280 people.

On the first floor of the restaurant Orso are the other three rooms.

"Flowers" is the smallest and has a maximum capacity of 130 people. Given its size, it is particularly suitable for small ceremonies.

"Liberty" has a maximum capacity of 310 people. At the entrance there is a large marble staircase, that has become the symbol of the Orso Restaurant, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Adriatic Sea. On the outside is a large gazebo for dinners and buffets.

"Elite" is the largest room of the restaurant and has a maximum capacity of 700 people. Outside there is a new park with beautiful colored water gushes, a huge marquee for dinners and buffets, a large terrace from which you can enjoy magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea.

The rooms, as well as the rest of the environment, can be viewed more easily by activating the zoom gallery inside any image.


News 2015/2016 !!!!

In addition to three platforms already in the garden, with almost 700 square meters, available for receptions, buffets, dancing and fashion shows during Summer 2015, have been added four more of them fully immersed in the green to be used for live music, dancing and relaxation of all guests.

As the great Peppino di Capri sang: Champagne to toast a meeting... Well, the best time for the toast is during the cutting of the cake, with the beautiful surroundings of the new garden under a starry sky.

Obviously you cannot miss the music and the grand finale with the fireworks show.


The Orso family's cookery, is more than up to the context: regional or international menus, seafood or meat; local or exotic specialities; vegetarian, vegan and  gluten-free menus; excellent choice of wines to suit picky eaters. And, of course, delicious and scenic cakes to... cut in two.