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Personalised wedding favors


Fantasiarte is a young craft business born from an idea that Catia had in a small room of her home in February 2000. Since the beginning, she has used her creativity and imagination (in addition to her craftiness) to create wedding favours, an area that she has always been passionate about and that fascinates her.
In 2005, Fantasiarte was enriched by Amelia who, thanks to her innate artistic skills, brings new energy to the business.
Our area of expertise is the decoration, transformation and customisation of furnishings, objects, favours and place cards. Thanks to our continuous research into new materials and alternative solutions, Fantasiarte makes each ceremony unique and special.

Offered Items

The articles we offer range from the classic wedding favours to food favours, eco-friendly favours and anything else you might think of.

Some of our brands: Cartapietra, Nego, Gai Mattiolo, Rdm, Cupido, Mastro Berti, Scentchips.


Jordan almonds, Invitations, Place cards, Rice Cones, Decorations, Seating charts, Table Cards, Guest Books, Wedding -Event Planner, Balloon Art.

Delivery Time

Delivery times may vary depending on the date of the ceremony and the chosen items; they can range from a minimum of 15 days to 2 months.


The printing of the invitations is free if you choose Invitations, Place Cards and Wedding Favours.