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Cagli (PU)

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from € 6000 to € 10000
until 120 invited
location rental
swimming pool
12 beds in b&b, facility
100 beds nel raggio di 30Km


The Castle dates to 1500 and is situated between Umbria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, within easy reach of cities such as Urbino, Gradara, Gubbio, Assisi.
It is set on a rugged hill above the valley of river Candigliano, 417 meters above sea level.
The context extremely charming, the quiet, the absolute confidentiality of the place and the meticulous attention to detail, make the Castle of Naro an extraordinary location for weddings, events, meetings and ceremonies.


The meeting room (with a capacity of 80 people), the dining room (with a capacity of 60 people) and especially the wide green spaces (with a capacity of 300 people) represent an extremely suggestive frame for any type of wedding party.

In particular there are:

  • 3 gardens
  • 7 double rooms with bath
  • Restaurant
  • Meeting room
  • Outdoor marquee
  • Health club with sauna and turkish bath
  • Indoor heated swimming pool with a capacity of 8 people
  • Cellar
  • Lobby
  • Library
  • Private courtyard with historic garden
  • Private chapel for religious ceremonies with 20 seats
  • Church of Santa Maria Nuova (situated below the castle)
  • Archaeological site
  • Scenic tour on barges
  • Walk on the panoramic viewpoint


The staff and partners of the castle are able to support customers on every aspect about the organization of the event, with the goal of making every wedding memorable for the bride, the groom and their guests.

We rely on the best Wedding Planners for the success of the event, including CG Organizer, + Wedding Le Marche e Italian Wedding Luxury.

Collaboration with the best jazz musicians and bands, and entertainment for children.


  • Catering Mencarelli
  • Catering il Giardino



Velvet ivory tones characterise this majestic, bright and yet cosy room. The Imperial Suite is the most romantic room of the Castle. It is also called “Bride and Groom Suite” and it is divided into three spaces: at the entrance there is a small living room with a kitchen, then you reach the bedroom with the high umbrella vault ceiling where a 17th century copy of the fresco “Father Time” by Federico Barocci stands out, the last space is the sumptuous bathroom with a fresco representing “The Baptism of Christ” and a large chromotherapy shower stall in the middle. This room is reserved for the newlyweds for their wedding night.



It is located in the piano nobile (main floor) of the Castle. The peculiarity of this room is the fresco of the sky on the ceiling, painted in tones of white and blue. The medieval wardrobe, painted in vivid colours, gives a joyful atmosphere to the room. The long and delicate curtains unveil the beautiful hilly landscape. The bathroom is provided with a large glass shower stall and a modern design characterised by soft and rounded shapes. The union of ancient and modern styles enhances this joyful Suite in an extraordinary way.



Regality is the protagonist of this room. The orange nuances of the sumptuous curtains together with the beige nuances of the walls and the dove-grey silk panels give warm tones to the room. Period furniture confers elegance to this one-of-a-kind room of the Castle. The high ceiling is enriched by a fresco of the 17th century, a copy of a work of art by Federico Barocci representing “The Calling of St. Andew and St. Peter”. The bathroom is characterised by a very modern design with ceramic and steel decors and a large glass shower stall.



Bright and welcoming, this room is called First Sentinel because it is located near the main door of the Castle and it has an immediate access from the outside. This lovely room has wooden beams and wooden decors. The window with an ogive arch overlooks beautiful hills. The small patio at the entrance is part of the room and a perfect place where to relax during summer evenings.



The central one of the three sentinels is a cosy and welcoming room. It is located in the guest house area and it has direct access from the outside, in the front part of the Castle. It has twin beds and it is enriched by wooden beams and wooden decors. The bathroom is very modern with a glass shower stall and ceramic decors with steel finishes. This lovely room is illuminated by a window with an ogive arch overlooking hills.



This lovely room is a precious and welcoming chest. It is large and very bright, it has ivory decors manually decorated and wooden beams. Also this room, like the other sentinels, has direct access from the outside in a side of the Castle. The window with an ogive arch is the perfect frame for the eastern hills. Also in this room the bathroom has very modern decors and a glass shower stall.


  • Discount for off-season weddings: it means weddings held between October and April
  • Discount for midweek Weddings




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