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Firework displays and light choreographies


Breena Fireworks is a company specialised in the creation of firework displays and light choreographies. Over the years, we have developed a special section dedicated to the organisation of firework displays for weddings and receptions, for which we use specific and beautiful choreographic effects. All shows are created by experienced firework designers who design each display in an absolutely unique way, satisfying the requests and the wishes of bride and groom.

The company provides all customers with specific dedicated advice. It begins with a preliminary survey of the location chosen by bride and groom and continues with suggestions and tips in order to identify the best conditions to achieve a magnificent firework display.

Breena Fireworks strictly operates in accordance with all safety standards and in compliance with all regulations of the pyrotechnic industry; our offices will deal with all the authorisations and permits necessary for every single display in compliance with any natural constraints and environmental laws, using non-polluting firework effects and, if necessary, with very low acoustic impact (silent fireworks).


Our company offers several types of firework displays:

Classic Display: Beautiful aerial effects that alternate to create an exciting scenery that illuminates the sky

Pyromusical Display: fireworks that dance to the music, to the rhythm of a musical piece chosen by bride and groom

Light Show: silver fountains, hearts and waterfalls of light that alternate to create a magical and unique atmosphere.

Breena Fireworks provides personalised consulting services to help and advise its customers in the choice of the firework display that best suits their needs.