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Why Le Marche?


Italy is one of the favourite choices  for as a Wedding Destination by couples from abroad.

Rome, Venice, Florence and Tuscany, Naples and Amalfi Coast, Lake of Como and  Sicily are in the Top 10  “best places where people like to say I Do”.

This is probably because it appears easier to choose a place you have heard about  instead of chasing some exclusive, intimate venue if you do not know the area. But at the same time, if you choose Rome or Como lake, you know your wedding will look like many others… and so? What can you do to avoid crowded venues and also having amazing scenery to make your W-Day  really unique and “yours”?

Simple! Here we are!  For those who want a very Italian & unconventional wedding, Le Marche is the perfect answer!

Our Region is the ideal place to host an original wedding, with all the traditional flavour of authentic Italy, whether you want your wedding to take place on a beach or on the top of a mountain, in a Renaissance villa or in a vineyard, in a medieval castle or in a Romanesque church.

Le Marche offers many possibilities to meet any requirements. Our historic roots having bestowed us with important works of art through ages, and our land being rich in castles, churches and palaces, dating back to the Middle Ages and the Baroque era.

Le Marche is known as “Italy in one region” because of its highly diversified landscape combining every wonderful feature Italy has to offer : charming seaside, cultivated hills, medieval villages, fashion manufactures, nature and night life, culture and atmosphere. Discover more about everything you can can do, visit, buy and taste in Le Marche in this guide.

Moreover the Region is in the centre of Italy, on the Adriatic coast, so it is the ideal base to visit all the main cities, such as Rome, Florence, Perugia, Naples by train, or by plane from  Ancona Airport.



What they say about Le Marche?

1. Wall Street International- July 2014 read more 

“Welcome to Le Marche. A stunning, soulful and undiscovered region that will take you back in time and make you instantly fall in love with the so called “stile di vita Italiano” . I am not going to translate that, by now you should know the meaning of it! This place really has it all."

2. New York Times- May 2005 read more

“In short, Tuscany, for all its undeniable charms, is an increasingly challenging place to have an intimate encounter with true Italy” … “After a weeklong visit last month I, too, have found in Le Marche the vera Italia that both the Briton and the Bolognese spoke of - a place where travelers can still feel a genuine sense of discovery and quiet pleasures as they meander back roads and walk on cobbles that haven't yet been polished by the soles of a million tourists”

3. Cnt Traveller – October 2014 read more

“This part of Italy thrives on its insider status; it doesn't do mass tourism well - take the almost entirely fake 'medieval' fortified village of Gradara, or the Virgin Mary pilgrimage town of Loreto. But what Le Marche does, magnificently, is cultured ease and rural seclusion. There are even a few wild, flower-decked stretches of rocky coastline with driftwood beaches accessible only by boat or on foot.”

4. Indipendent – april 2016 read more

“Le Marche is a destination off the beaten track, where you can sample all the delights of la dolce vita – often at bargain prices – without rubbing shoulders with too many other holidaymakers. You can almost taste the pioneering spirit among the mountains. You may feel you have crossed a new frontier.”

How to use this site

Our aim is to provide an easy and user friendly service to help you with your  wedding organization

If you are here, it must be because your are planning to choose Italy for your wedding destination,  here we provide basic instructions on how to use our website, where you will find  some guidelines to organize your Wedding in Le Marche. So, if you want to get married in our beautiful region, you have 2 ways to start planning your wedding:

  1. Organizing the event by yourself:  find on this page all our best  suppliers. Each one is introduced by a complete page with information, photos, address and contact information.
  2. Have a look at all the venues at your disposal, start dreaming of your wedding, choose one of them and contact our Wedding Planners to have all the information you need before starting  the organizationof Your Wedding Destination in Le Marche!

So, whether you intend to make your own arrangements or if you would prefer a wedding planner to do things for you, you are on the right site:  Wedding Marche is all you need!


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