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The Italy you don't know, the Italy you don't expect...

Le Marche: Italy in one region!

How to use this site

Our aim is to provide an easy and user friendly service to help you with your  wedding organization.

If you are here, it must be because your are planning to choose Italy for your wedding destination,  here we provide basic instructions on how to use our website, where you will find  some guidelines to organize your Wedding in Le Marche. So, if you want to get married in our beautiful region, you have 2 ways to start planning your wedding:

  1. Organizing the event by yourself:  find  on this page all our best  suppliers. Each one is introduced by a complete page with information, photos, address and contact information.
  2. Have a look at all the venues at your disposal, start dreaming of your wedding, choose one of them and contact our Wedding Planners to have all the information you need before starting  the organization of Your Wedding Destination in Le Marche!

So, whether you intend to make your own arrangements or if you would prefer a wedding planner to do things for you, you are on the right site:  Wedding Marche is all you need!


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About Le Marche

Wedding Marche was set up in Le Marche, the aim being to promote our land to an increasingly wider foreign public, that loves Italy and is looking for a very special place for their Italian wedding destination.

Italy is not only Rome, Venice, Florence and Tuscany… maybe you are looking for a more intimate location, a place where your special day will shine as a treasure in an exclusive venue. Our region is really a true jewel in the crown. Offering a host of possibilities for your special day to begin  the most important journey of your life. When you get to Le Marche, you will be enchanted by splendid mountains and crystal clear sea, wonderful beaches and rich countrysidequaint villages on top of hills overlooking  amazing surroundings, rich in art and culture.  This is the reason why Le Marche is presented as “Italy in one region”.

Discover more about Le Marche.

Marche is the place where your “Italian Dream” comes true. If you are wondering about an Italian wedding destination, maybe we could show you a venue that is new to you, but with which you will fall in love with at first sight.

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