Italian Vineyard Wedding in Le Marche: The Ideal Place for a Special Toast!

Vineyard weddings have become very popular in Italy in recent years: delicious wine, a lush green vegetation and a rustic-chic  setting, what's not to fall in love with when planning a vineyard wedding?

If this is the setting that you have in mind for your wedding, you have come to the right place, do not waste time on any other areas except LE MARCHE!

Imagine an ancient land, imagine a land in which our grandparents still hand down the culture and traditions of excellent homemade food and wine, imagine rows of vines, that extend for as far as the eye can see … imagine quaint country hamlets where you are woken in the morning by the sound of a cockerel and where the locals wake up at the same time, to live their life in the country… This is only a small sample…

Endless rolling hills cultivated with grape and ancient wineries in the land of  Verdicchio, Rosso Conero, Passerina and Rosso Piceno. These being just the most famous wines of our region …

 Le Marche is also a region of excellent wines and charming wineries open to the public  in traditional ancient farm houses and also recently opened to people who would like an unconventional, wine-themed wedding.

 Because in a vineyard in Le Marche you can easily  combine a “country” and “chic” style and have unique and sumptuous wedding!

Wineries make for unforgettable wedding venues, but there's more to plan than you think,  since grapes are not always on the vines for pretty photos and vineyards don't always show up on even the most high-tech GPS devices!

So you might think that great wine is the only key to a beautiful vineyard wedding—and while that is definitely important-  there is so much else to consider when your wedding venue is a winery.

So, as even the biggest oenophiles  won't know how to plan a Vineyard Wedding,  here you will find some practical and logistic advice to organize your Italian Vineyard Wedding in Le Marche

But do not fear….. they are only some “technical details” for the “operators” which you may however find useful.

Now we come to the most enjoyable and creative part of the organization of a Vineyard wedding.

Ready? Go!

How to select a location in the Marche for your Italian Vineyard wedding!

The Marche landscape features gently rolling hills, and plots of land which alternate with fields of sunflowers, lavender, corn and the vines. Within this scenic setting it is possible to find everything from private establishments that belong to landowners that produce wine for their own use, to tourist farmhouses and Country Houses, that are already equipped, or in the process of equipping themselves, to provide a Vineyard wedding in authentic Italian style, and where you can stay for the whole period of your stay in Italy (including the guests!), right up to the larger venues that are true wineries, Hotel & Resort with Spa included, Relais and country houses…. A host of different options to provide you with the best that the Marche has to offer!

From this host of different options you can findthe right location for your Italian vineyard wedding Vineyard  in the Marche, which are those marked with this symbol  included in the “information” section.

Italian Vineyard Wedding: The ideal setting for a shabby chic style!

This kind of wedding and setting, perfectly reflect the rustic style known as shabby chic… who is not familiar with the country, vintage and provençal style nowadays? We shall now see how this features within all aspects of the most important day of your life.


The Vineyard wedding can be organized in various settings. You can choose to hold the formal wedding ceremony directly next to the vines, or in a green area next to the Vineyard, where the vines will form a romantic backdrop to your wedding and your wedding photographs! In both cases it will be possible to create a wonderful archway of woven vine branches with falling lanterns , or maybe use the old casks  to create a truly stylish and typical setting. You can get further inspiration from this blog article that is about a  real Italian vineyard wedding ..


There are also various options available for the reception: beneath the warm sun in May, September or October, or in the summer as well, as the sun begins to set you may want to have rectangular tables set in the open air, with a view of the vineyard, or in the shadow of the same. However should the season or weather not permit, or should you wish to celebrate inside, you can also ask your chosen venue whether they have a wine cellar big enough to host your reception. You are sure to find it wonderful to lunch (or dine) surrounded by wooden casks and beams that will give the whole day a more authentic and “wine related” touch.

Do not forget to arrange for a creative aperitif  immediately after the ceremony and before the reception, in order to give your guests the opportunity to enjoy a glass of excellent wine from the cellar, while waiting for the couple during the truly Italian phase of kissing and hugging and the “formal” photo shoot.


It will also be in rustic style with rectangular tables and folding white wooden chairs or chiavarine. You may choose to leave the table bare, without a tablecloth, to create an even more “rustic” style, or you may wish to opt for a white/ecru tablecloth, with a linen or jute runner in the centre that falls to the ground at the sides. Remember that jute is a much used fabric in the shabby style (together with lace) and you can use it anyway in order to embroider some detail!

As concerns, the details, what would you place at the centre of the table, in order to further highlight your Italian Vineyard Wedding? You are spoilt for choice.

As for the CENTREPIECE a clever idea is that of using fruit or even wine crates, to contain compositions of rustic flowers, aromatic plants, lavender etc...

Or you may wish to use little pots made of glass, to use as vases or lantern holders, maybe alternating them with tin pot-holders.

The PLACE CARD also needs to harmonize with the rest of the ornamental detail …. A simple and refined solution is that of tying each napkin with a cord or ribbon with the guest’s name on it. . 

For the TABLE MARKER you can exploit the centrepiece and insert an indicator with the name of the table or you may want to insert a discreet and object, in the same style, to indicate the TABLEAU DE MARIAGE or theme of the event. It is obviously possible to personalize each element with something which actually relates to you!


In Italy the traditional wedding favour, as an object of value that was directly given to the guests, in person by the newlyweds at the end of the reception, has been literally replaced by the idea of a wedding favour in the form of a place card, that is, the concept of a little gift that is preferably useful or ecological and not particularly expensive. If you like this particular solution, the best choice for a Vineyard wedding would undoubtedly be one that features a tastefully packaged local product such as limoncino (lemon liqueur) or a small jar of locally produced honey. An even more original idea would be a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil  or of wine made in the winery in which the ceremony will take place, with personalized labels, so that your guests will have a wonderful souvenir of your wedding in these enchanting places.

Should you really not like this idea you can always opt for an ecological wedding favour such as an  aromatic plant, a succulent plant or a miniature Bonsai.


The reason why you should choose the Marche for your Italian Vineyard Wedding is not only for the fantastic landscape, but also by virtue of the wine and food specialities and the local products that our region has to offer. Talking of vineyards, the Marche boasts a variety of renowned wines such as the Rosso Conero, the  Passerina, the Pecorino, the Lacrima di Morro D'Alba, the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona, the Rosso Piceno, the Verdicchio di Matelica, the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi reserve, etc... As well as many other wines from less known cellars but which are equally as good!

With regards to food, we have a variety of typical local products such as the Ciauscolo, a delicious, soft salami that is served spread on small slices of bread; the Pecorino, a local cheese made from the milk of fine local sheep breeds, Casciotta di Urbino and the Cheese of Fossa are other typical local cheeses from the area; the Ascolana style olives  take their name from the town of Ascoli Piceno and consist of green olives in brine, that are stuffed with a smooth filling made of meat and “fritte”, which are a true gastronomic speciality of the Marche!
Being a land of ancient traditions, homemade pasta is still made; in a host of different varieties such as ravioli, tortellini, tagliatelle, maccheroncini (the Maccheroncini of Campofilone being particularly famous) which you will find served in the best restaurants of our Region! Another gastronomic delight being the White truffle of Acqualagna. Not to mention our delicious meat, but we do not want to reveal all the delicious foods that you can taste, or have your guests taste while you are here. For now it is enough to say that your wedding menu will be wonderfully authentic and from the Marche!




We have reached the dessert! No wedding is complete without the cutting of the final cake... In Italy, and in the Marche in particular you will find some great pastry chefs that will prepare a wonderful millefeuille cake or a delicious profiterole... or perhaps a delicate mousse with the colours and taste, that have a clear rustic feel. But a wedding cake, as well as being delicious should also be superlative from an aesthetic point of view: it will be the protagonist of the final toast and it so needs to wow! Therefore if you are thinking about one of the cakes names above, it will be covered with a classic sugar icing or simply a mound of whipped cream! While if you prefer to follow the current fashion (at least here in Italy), the Naked Cake is perfect for a shabby and authentic country style wedding. These cakes are true works of art with layers of visible sponge, which is kept together by a delicious filling made with chocolate, Pistacchio, vanilla, cream, etc..(according to taste)  together with layers filled with cream (cream, butter cream, chibouste cream, diplomatic pastry cream, ganache (chocolate cream) in order to give the cake a “nude effect”. Both solutions will be embellished with decorations featuring fresh flowers, fresh fruit or berry fruits and covered with icing sugar.

In this authentic Italian wedding we cannot but mention the SUGARED ALMOND SELECTION! It will make your celebration unique and all your guests will be impressed by this novelty. It is no ordinary American style "sweet table"... it is an area dedicated to the sampling of sugared almonds. The typical Italian sweet consisting of an almond covered in sugar, that at weddings symbolizes the union of a couple through the two halves of the almond that are bound together by the surrounding sugar coating. There are now various kinds of sugared almond and this is the reason for this sampling initiative. You can taste fillings made from almonds, hazel-nut and pistachio, the coating of which is in a whole host of different flavours: chocolate, hazel-nut, pistachio, melon, orange, coffee, chocoloate chip, fruit, sponge, ….. in a word something for everyone! We recommend that you don’t miss the opportunity to sample them!


There only remains a few last suggestions that we wish to give you. Do not forget those minor details that make the difference. For example: if the ceremony is very intimate, with only a few guests, no problem, otherwise don’t forget a microphone other the guests in the back rows will not be able to hear your “I do”! 

Then… the LIGHTS! In such an event, the addition of lighting is important to create just the right atmosphere for your celebration, so that especially in the case of an evening wedding, don’t forget to string a chain of fairy lights across the reception area in a “rustic” style.

Candles and flowers are also a must and the colours should be subtle, pastel shades to create an authentic shabby feel, so that the ideal shades should be rose tones up to burgundy (in keeping with the theme as well) while if you want to be more adventurous, bold colours; or of course you can opt for a  total white, embellished with the green of aromatic plants and olive branches. 

Do not worry about all these details,… You obviously cannot expect to do all this alone, especially at a distance. Our Wedding Planners  are highly experienced and will know how to support and assist you even at a distance in every decision that you make, and it will be fun and satisfying to see your dream transform into reality. These are just some ideas to play with…. No two weddings are the same, and no style is “The style”; what exists is YOUR style, YOUR wedding, which will be unique and we hope ITALIAN!!! In the meantime… SAVE THE DATE!


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