Wedding Venues in Italy: How To Choose The Location Of Your Dreams

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Talking about Wedding Venues in Italy, we need to step back a minute … what is the location? Is it a hotel? A villa? A castle?  Before choosing any location we invite you to firstly consider. Do you really have a clear idea of what you want your wedding to be like? What is the right setting? The landscape? And your honeymoon? As you are planning to come to Italy, you probably want a unique experience!

The question is ….WHERE? In which location.. geographic area do you wish to say “I do” to your man or lady? We have all undoubtedly wished to spin the globe or open an atlas and say “here” at random, in a “fatalist” approach which is at the same time exciting as an “unconscious” act? But we would advise you against taking this approach with your wedding unless you really want to be adventurous!

So…. Before choosing your Wedding Venue in Italy we invite you to firstly choose the geographic location! Once you have done this, all the rest is easy.


The Marche is the right response to all needs! An advertisement that appeared a few years ago described it as: “Italy in a Region”, which is really true, and we shall now tell you why:

1. Wedding Venues in the Marche: a style for each setting!

You will find all kinds of landscapes and settings in the Marche, both your wedding and honeymoon. Within a radius of 100 km you are at the seaside , on a sandy or stony beach, or if you prefer the mountains you can follows the tracks of the Sibillini mountains, or nestle in the gentle hillside of the Marche …and this is not all, we also have lakes, enchanting towns and villages, with flower filled, winding pathways which form a kind of labyrinth, before coming together in the squares, with views, either over the sea, or over our cultivated countryside. Those who come to visit us describe Marche as “a destination off the beaten track, where you can sample all the delights of la dolce vita – often at bargain prices – without rubbing shoulders with too many other holidaymakers. You can almost taste the pioneering spirit among the mountains. You may feel you have crossed a new frontier.” (from the Independent, 04 April 2016).

The Bridal Guide Magazine, in the selection of Wedding Venues, at point 6 of the list indicates: “The venue will play a huge role in shaping the ambiance for your wedding, so it's important to have a vision of what you want to portray for your big day. "Your venue becomes the third character in the narrative of your wedding story. The best advice we can give you is to choose a place that feels like coming home. For example, if you had family parties in your backyard your whole life, look for a venue with a large outdoor space that may look a little nicer and accommodate a few more of your friends than a backyard would," say the pros at The Venue Report.”.  So in this case, if you choose the Marche , you will surely find the venue suited to your wedding, which will also make you feel home from home!

Whatever the location selected you will have just the right venue … Do you dream of a beach wedding with a reception on the beach? No problem, as we have 180 km of coastline from which to choose the right restaurant for you, whether it be directly on the beach as we said, or overlooking the sea from the rocky promontory of  Mount Conero, (you will here find further details on  a beach wedding); while if you prefer a vineyard wedding, immersed in the countryside amongst the rows of vines,  this is what we have for you! Or should you wish to continue in the rustic ambience track, you can choose a Country or Shabby style wedding in a local tourist farmhouse or in a renovated country house, against a wonderful hillside backdrop! Let us not forget the classic and everlasting Italian style wedding in the various period villas and houses that are scattered throughout the Marche, which are surrounded by gardens or parks, where it is possible to hold both the civil ceremony and the reception, weather permitting; we are talking about castles, fortresses, spacious villas and renovated buildings to host both small and large scale events, such as weddings ….  Some of them also feature small abbeys or chapels where it is still possible to hold  the religious function. 

The number of guests at your wedding is not important, there is space for everyone! Most of the venues also have accommodation, if they don’t you can choose the venue anyway, as there will be accommodation available in the vicinity, we have a host of accommodation facilities and the distance between towns is very short.

2. Your honeymoon in a region that is highly diverse and which makes it UNIQUE! 

Although our Region is not so well known to the masses, it is so rich in history, culture and scenic beauty that you can spend your entire honeymoon travelling the roads exclusively of our region, such is the number of places of interest that we have….. you probably would not even have time to visit them all! 

The region gets its name from the Germanic word "marka", used to indicate the various border zones that have been formed in the area during the course of history, which have been then reunited, for common geographic, administrative and geographic reasons to form a single region, thereby giving rise to this original name, which is the only Plural name of all the regions of Italy.

Whilst the land area is not so very extensive (180 km from North to South, and approximately 80 km from east to west), you can nevertheless enjoy a host of different settings and landscapes. Out of its sea reposts, 17 have a Blue Flag, the coastal features varying from sandy beaches to rocky coasts, while the hilly zone boasts no less than 22 of the Most beautiful villages in Italy, with 20 towns that been awarded the Orange Flag for the beauty and quality of its tourist appeal, art cities such as Urbino (UNESCO city) and Ascoli Piceno, as well as a host of other small towns and villages rich in monuments and historic and artistic heritage. There are also lots of places of worship, such as monasteries, hermitages and cathedrals, amongst which the most famous is the Sanctuary of Loreto; while the Apennine zone features uncontaminated landscapes and extensive natural parks, in which to fully enjoy the beauty of nature, with certain truly exceptional and unforgettable sites such as the Grottos of Frasassi. For those visiting the Marche by car, you will be spoilt for choice.
Our region has five provinces, and in each of these you will find a particular history to be told ….If you choose a wedding venues in Italy and in the Marche above all, you can get further details on what to do here by consulting the the article entitled “what to see and do in the Marche”, as well as the official site dedicated to tourism in the Marche. 

You can decide on a more adventurous style of sightseeing or you may wish to decide on what to do each day, whilst relaxing in one of our spa or beauty treatment hotels, or in a country house exclusively rented to you in the silence of our splendid countryside!

However…. If you really do not want to return home without having visited some of the most renowned and appealing Italian locations go to point 3!

3. If you choose Le Marche, you'll hit the mark!

If you check on the map you will see that the Marche, is right in the centre of Italy, slightly to the West, so it boasts a good section of the Adriatic coast! So that we are ideally located for you to visit any important tourist centre located in the rest of Italy

: this is no exaggeration: a 3-hour drive and you are in Rome, 2 and a half hours and your are in Florence, 3 and a half and you are in Naples, 3 and a half in Venice, 2 and a half in Bologna and we also have an airport with direct flights to various Italian destinations including Sicily. You can hire a car or motorbike for a tour around Italy “on the road” or you may wish to take a form of public transport (coach, train or plane) and be conveyed in comfort, while perhaps enjoying an authentic Italian “espresso” coffee!

4. Food & Wine: a land of authentic taste

If you choose your Wedding Venue in Italy, and the Marche in particular you can be assured that the food will be authentically Italian, from our region! In fact most of our food still comes directly from our local farms; the meat comes from our animals farms and the fish from our Adriatic sea. We also have a series of typical products which you must try and which you can include in your wedding menu!

Such as the  Vincisgrassi  for example which is hand-made pasta (ravioli, tortellini, tagliatelle, tagliolini of Campofilone, etc.)  served with meat or fish sauces or even better, with Acqualagna Truffle for which we are famed the world over!

Our most traditional weddings cannot but include Olive all’ascolana (which originate from the town of Ascoli Piceno) often accompanied by a fried cream mix (another Marche specialty) and fried vegetables. This is usually all served in a as a buffet style starter dish, together with other local cured meat products and cheese varieties ; foremost of which is the Ciauscolo,Lonza, Fossa cheese,  Pecorino, etc…

The wine also all comes from our vineyards and we in fact boast a series of wines of controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin; featuring both red and white wines; the ideal accompaniment to your wedding banquet.

This is only a “taste” as every single town, hamlet, restaurant and trattoria can offer our delicious local specialties in a highly original and personalized manner! You can start from the wedding lunch and then organize a tour wine and gastronomy tour of our region and stop in those towns that actually produce our specialties and participate in the local festivals, which are true folklore events all centred around food, wine and fun!!!!

“Marchigiano food is varied and inventive, a consequence perhaps of the fact that most rural families here had (and many still have) smallholdings with a few chickens, goats or sheep, a pig or two to butcher in the autumn, and a seasonal crop of broad beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables - not to mention good olive oil, and the occasional fish, either fresh or in the form of salt cod or anchovies in oil. This region exports chefs to the rest of Italy, and you'll eat well in even the humblest trattoria.” (da Condè Nast Traveller)

5. Shopping and the Made in Marche!

The Marche province can boast being the birthplace of a host of leading poets, writers, composers and artists of all kinds; today art has “evolved” and become a “business”. Craftsmanship is still very important in our Region, from the traditional craft “workshop” right up to the large internationally renowned companies especially in the  footwear sector such as  Tod’s, Hogan, Nero Giardini, Santoni, etc.

Therefore future brides and grooms, do not miss the opportunity to wear hand-made and customized shoes for your wedding made exclusively for you! This is only a recommendation, but of course you can dedicate yourself to great shopping during your honeymoon, at the various outlets that are to be found throughout the Marche (although primarily in the provinces of Fermo and Macerata) in order to take home a suitcase full of Made in Marche footwear for both you and your dear ones.

We alos have various  fashion outlets and boutiques throughout the region featuring many designer names such as Armani, Prada, Fay, etc. and where you will make considerable savings.

You will find towns that are totally dedicated to a particular fashion sector such as Filottrano for men’s fashions,  Montappone which is an internationally renowned millinery centre, Offida famed for its lace amongst others. Not to mention all the leading companies and industries that we have in the furnishing, kitchen, leather, ceramic and design sectors of which we can cite only some: Cucine Scavolini, Lube Cucine , Berloni, Ariston, Nazzareno Gabrielli, Poltrona Frau, Guzzini … and many more. 

We do not wish to spoil the fun of discovering all this for yourselves, we only wish to highlight the fact that this Region which is perhaps not very well known, is in fact at the heart of Italy in terms of all its activities, and its wonderful scenic, cultural, tourist and industrial resources. While it is no lie that a lot of Italians come to our region (from other regions) to queue outside our outlets for the best designer wear at bargain prices!

You will find all the addresses for your shopping sprees in the article entitled “what to see and do in the Marche”.

Therefore when considering Italy and your Wedding Venue in Italy, do not underrate this important (mainly female) pursuit, and take the opportunity for a shopping spree in order to purchase some of the most famous and prestigious Italian manufactured items.

We hope that we have provoked your interest to such a degree as to prompt you to begin looking for your Wedding Venue in the Marche. In which case our portal will help you to organize your Italian wedding. To discover more why not start surfing the site! 


Organize your italian wedding through us!


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