Wedding Planners In Italy…8 Things To Know (Or To Ask) If You Are Planning Your Wedding Day In Italy

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The first thing to remember if you are planning your wedding in Italy (or anywhere else, for that matter) is that help is essential. And if hiring a wedding planner might be an option if you are getting married in your own country, it certainly is for your wedding abroad.

If you are getting married in Italy, read these 8 things you should know before hiring a Wedding Planner in Italy. They will help you make the right choices.


Weddings started to be considered an “event” around the Millennium in Italy(some decades later than in other countries, like the US or the UK), and since then, couples have needed help to make their dreams a reality. So in Italy, as in other places, many wedding-planning agencies started springing up. The aim is the same for all:  To understand a couple’s wishes and organize a customized wedding party with elegance and originality, suggesting new ideas to appraise and supporting their every need, to obtain the ultimate result no matter what their budget.

But it is important to keep in mind that in countries such as UK or the US, for example, ‘there is a distinction between Wedding Planners and Wedding Designers. A Wedding Planner is in charge of the organisation and management of the event, and usually works together with a Wedding Designer who looks after the “creative process”, the style of the wedding.  In Italy, you could say that this difference doesn’tyet exist; the same person works as both wedding planner and designer’. So says Italy’s most famous Wedding Planner, Enzo Miccio, in this interview for the online review, Italy Magazine. 


Most wedding planning agencies in Italy will organiseany kind of ceremony - Civil, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or a ‘Symbolic wedding’ – a distinctively Italian non-denominational ceremony based on a couples’ culture and preferences. These are all followed by spectacular receptions and parties in the finest Italian wedding venues. In any case - be careful to choose an agency that can demonstrate consistent and real experience in managing the kind of wedding you are interested in. While Catholic and Civil ceremonies are common all over Italy, and Symbolic ones are becoming the norm as well, other religious ceremonies could be more usual in some areas, but completely unknown in others, so be sure that the agency you choose is a real expert in the task you are asking them to do.


This applies to everyone: take your time to contact more than one Wedding Planner and be sure that you are choosing the one you feel most comfortable with.  Do not decide on the basis of your budget or the package they may be offering, because a professional Wedding Planner will work to YOUR budget, whatever it is, ensuring that YOUR wedding will be tailor-made to your demands. So, as your Wedding Planner will be the person you will be in touch with during a very stressful and special period, s/he MUST be a person you like. To this aim, there are some important questions to ask and to answer when you are looking for your Wedding Planner.


If you decide to take on the burden of planning without the help of an official Wedding Planner, consider the option of aBig Day Coordinator’.  S/he will attend the whole day of the ceremony: coordinating all the suppliers,making  sure guests get from point A to point B, and will ensure you keep to your schedule of events during  the day (speeches during the wedding breakfast, first dance, cake-cutting) and essentially help taking care of the details while you actually get to enjoy the day.


Be sure that your Italian Wedding Planner or Coordinator speaks your guests’ language (or will be able to have an interpreter available that day).


If your ceremony will be celebrated by one of your guests, a friend of yours or a person you know well, introduce that person to your Wedding Planner a few days in advance, in order to let them organise the ceremony.  On the other hand, if you need a celebrant -  a person who will conduct the ceremony - ask for one who speaks your language, and provide them with the text you would like them to use during the ceremony. This requires advance planning, as in Italy we have many celebrants, but need to book the date some months ahead.


 If the foregoing remarks could be generally referred to as ‘what to consider when planning a wedding abroad’, let us give you some pointers if you are planning a wedding in Le Marche (if you would like to know more, read WEDDINGS IN ITALY). If you want a really traditional Italian wedding, Le Marche is the right venue for you. Away from the crowded, run-of-the-mill venues selling pottery stamped ‘Made in Tuscany’, you will find many Wedding Planning Agencies in the Le MarcheRegion whowork with passion and love for theirlocal traditions.  And don’t forget that Le Marche offers many opportunities to experience a wealth of settings – the seaside, countryside and small ‘borghi’ (villages) – most agencies specialising in weddingdestinations also offer a tour-operator service, in order to let you visit and enjoy as much as possible of this region and of Italy as a whole. (Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice and Sicily are all within few hours’ travel by car or by ‘plane).


As Le Marche is less well-known than other popular Italian locations, you will probably find out more about weddings in Tuscany, Rome, Venice or Puglia when looking for a wedding venue in Italy, but with a little more persevering you will discover the real taste of an Italian wedding in Le Marche.  Our website was created to help you learn aboutthe wedding services available in our region. Have a look at what our stunning region offers, by clicking on this website or by asking our best Wedding Planners for a free consultation.

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