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wedding villas in italy

If you are dreaming your wedding in villas in Italy, you may be interested to know that Le Marche is a region where historical eras are still visible through stratification of styles and the presence of a huge quantity of Villas and castles, as testimony of medieval origins and aristocratic renaissance development.

“Le Marche” in Italian is a plural noun, differently  from any other region of Italy. This is why the territory of Le Marche has always been a group of many territories belonging to several different  Lords or aristocracy families.

This means that every “comune” (village+hinterland)  still have its castle or its villa, where Lords used to live in the past.

Most of these precious buildings have been restored and are now available as hotel de charme or reception venues. So you could choose for example from among several  Villas from the 17th century built, that used to be ancient abbeys,  medieval fortresses turned into comfortable residences.

If you are looking for an enchanted venue for your wedding, you will find it here, in Le Marche!

Surf our website and see more of recommended villas in the whole territory of Le Marche, but before that we invite you to read the useful information that we have provided to find really what you are looking for!

Villas (as wedding venues)  are meant to include  aristocratic residences, medieval castles, Romanesque convents, noble country residences. There are plenty of historic buildings all over the region.

Villas   are divided into three types:

1. Those rented with exclusive use on a weekly basis

2. Those rented just for the wedding day, and not for accommodation

3. Those that can be rented as if it were a hotel, in part or whole, for one or more days

As Renee Strauss suggests to her “Brides of Beverly Hills”, in an article of Huffington Post, there are many reasons for tying the knot in an Italian Villa: “Think about having the kitchen open 24 hours—snacks included!—or having the chef available to whip up special requests on-call; sound amazing? It’s possible at an Italian villa. Want to have a pool party at any time of the day or night? Go for it! When all of the guests are your friends, no one else will be around to frown or complain about the noise. Want to leave your doors unlocked so that you can wander in and out of each other’s rooms? No problem when the space is yours and yours alone. You won’t be interrupted during a photos hoot either: You, your photographer and your guests have free run of the grounds and can snap away anywhere at any time—no one will be asked to move or keep to a designated room or terrace."

 All the villas are equipped for kitchen services or catering,  some of them offer the full service  with resident chef and wedding coordinator, in other cases (the majority) you are free to rent the villa separately from catering service and in almost all cases, you can hire the wedding planner you prefer.


A destination wedding in villa in Italy gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of ceremony setting and reception and party management. Moreover you could consider renting the villa for a few days, in order to spend time with your family and guests before or after the wedding and maybe spend a little time visiting the region or others cities, like Rome, Florence etc. (link a cosa fare a cosa vedere nelle marche)

The most interesting feature of the villas of the The March is the presence of small, historic private churches or chapels (where lords used to attend catholic rites) where the atmosphere will make your vows truly special.  This would be a good option, in order to avoid having to move the guests from the ceremony to reception venue.

Should you not be interested in a religious ceremony in a church, all the villas have at disposal  stunning gardens, or sumptuous halls where is possible to hold the civil wedding (many venues have the permission to celebrate civil ceremonies)  or the symbolic wedding, in which case you will be able to choose any venue and any place you like! If you are wondering about pros and cons of an authentic versus symbolic ceremony abroad  there is an interesting article on this issue here .


The most important thing to say about villas and wedding venues in Le Marche is that you have the opportunity to find exactly the scenery you like:  neo-classic, Baroque, Renaissance, Romanesque.. Most of venues are settled in panoramic hills and you can find a host of styles in any part of the region, because we could say that in the past lords of each part of the region used to show their “grandeur” by building rich palaces and residences, in keeping with the style of the time by appointing the best artists. So that each town today still displays traces of the fine artwork of the artists of the past.

Napoleon and the Restoration gave the final touch to this tradition, nobles came back to their ancient properties  and added a 19th century style to the previous stratification. In the same period   country houses  were also turned into villas and today we have many restored country houses  dating back to the 19th century where you can see the noble floor (with frescoed ceilings  and elaborate furnishings)  and the lord’s garden on one side and the farm and the fields on the opposite side of the so called “casa colonica”.

Today a a country house wedding can also be considered a “classy wedding”, in fact the most popular venues are beautiful country villas, that provide all the facilities and comfort in in a traditional, warm and suggestive atmosphere from a charming past. These venues combine the luxury of a resort with the privacy of one’s home, where you will be able to truly enjoy your wedding dream as you were the Princess that owned the place.

This is the atmosphere that you dream of, while thinking your “real traditional Italian wedding”, it is not the wedding you see in all the usual  magazines, almost a stereotype, with long tables that could be settled in a courtyard in Tuscany as in California... The courtyards in Le Marche have got a Villa behind them, an Italian garden at the front and a happy couple of bride&groom  celebrating their love with their dearest and nearest all around!




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