Italian wedding catering

If you are looking for Italian Wedding Catering, it means that you have selected an exclusive location for your wedding in Italy. Here, below, you will find the best catering companies from the Marche Region.  The Marche region is famous. Apart from its artistic beauty and scenic landscape,it is also known for its food and wine specialties. You can choose from a menu based on meat or fish and taste typical dishes from the Marche region such as  Oliveall’Ascolana (stuffed fried olives)Brodetto di Pesce (Italian fish stew),  home-made pastasuch as Maccheroncini di Campofilone (traditional, home-made egg pasta from Campofilone), and many others. Ask for more information about Italian wedding catering! You will find that many of them also do banqueting and therefore they are responsible for the setting up and organization of the event. Discover more about our local cuisine. Conversely, you can go directly to the our catering partners online visual displays here below to find that which suits you!