Italian wedding favors and sugared almond

Are you seeking Italian wedding favors for your wedding in Italy? Visit the shops in Le Marche to choose the type of wedding favor that suits your style: from the classical, to the sophisticated, supportive or eco-friendly. In ourcultural tradition, thebomboniere(or wedding favors) were an ornament, or a “precious” memory to donate to someone, which came with a small bag of confetti for the guests. Once you returned home after a wedding, you would put it by the window together with many other memories.

Today, the “old” ornamental bomboniera  is  being slowly replaced by other more useful objects such as succulent and aromatic plants, bonsai plants, local products such as oils, aromatic products, typical local liquors, and even smallkitchen utensils, as well as soaps, cups and other products of the imagination! The candy, that normally accompanies our wedding favors, is a typical Italian product, and is a sweet that is in the shape of an almond that is covered with sugar. The confetto in a marriage symbolizes the union of the couple by means of the two halves of the almond,and is held together by the sugar that envelops them. Today,there are many variations of sugared almonds (various tastes and variations with nuts, pistachios etc…).Although originally given to guests together with a small bag  containing an odd number of sugared almonds (usually 5), it has now become more than ever "a new fashion" to prepare the candies separately- which makes it a real taste bud experience and where you can try many varieties of sugared almonds.

These are our customs and traditions.Choose now the Italian wedding favors that are adapted to your style.