Small Intimate Weddings In Italy, Your Romantic Honeymoon-Wedding In Le Marche

small intimate weddings in italy

Le Marche is the ideal destination for your honeymoon-wedding, much to see, much to do and every kind of setting  to tie the knot in an exclusive, intimate and stunning place.

Small Intimate Wedding In Le Marche

So called honeymoon-weddings are another option when getting married abroad with just each other and few of your dearest in the same location of your honeymoon. Some resorts specialize in intimate honeymoon-weddings, which are smaller and less complicated and absolutely less expensive than full-blown destination weddings. Le Marche is a region where people consider privacy and discretion as values of an ancient heritage, so there are plenty of ideal venues ready to make your stay special and unforgettable.


5 Recommended Honeymoon-Wedding Destination In Le Marche

If you have read our article on Weddings in Italy, you probably already know that Le Marche is a region with medieval origins and each territory preserves its history heritage exploiting the natural flair for privacy . This is why Le Marche is  the ideal place for intimate weddings and relaxing, charming honeymoon. So if you are wondering about a secret escape with your fiancé, you might consider one of these ideas for your honeymoon-wedding in Le Marche.

1.Country Resort in ancient villas

From north to south of the region you can find many villas and restored as luxurious resorts. In most  villas you will have small chapels at disposal for your catholic ceremony or amazing gardens and pools for your civil rite.

2. Portonovo Bay

Is a delightful small village on the slopes of Monte Conero, where you can  say "I do" in suggestive terraces and gardens overlooking the Adriatic emerald sea and spend your stay in luxurious hotel de charme.

3. Fermo

A majestic cathedral, a delightful square with Palazzo dei Priori, one of 100 beautiful theatres of the region, aristocratic buildings in the city centre. Fermo is a city which features all the elements representing Le Marche.  It is a charming place, like all its surroundings, consisting of lush countryside and enchanting villages scattered over the hills.


The symbolic city of the Romantic love story between Paolo and Francesca. A stunning entire medieval village circled by its fortress walls, on one side looking down over the Adriatic sea and on the other side looking at the famous, typical “Marche-scape”: a patchwork of sunflower fields, olive groves, vineyards as far as your eyes can see.

5. Ex-Monasteries and Abbays

The position of Le Marche set on the pilgrim route to Rome since ancient times made up a tradition of “spiritual hospitality” , besides the numerous important Christian sites, such as Loreto sanctuary. This is the reason why all over the region a great number of monasteries  have been restored as “hotel de charme” and resorts.

The Best Way To Plan And Have A Small Intimate Wedding In Le Marche

In 2005 New York Times stated:  “In short, Tuscany, for all its undeniable charms, is an increasingly challenging place to have an intimate encounter with true Italy.”After a weeklong visit last month I, too, have found in Le Marche the "vera Italia" that both the Briton and the Bolognese spoke of - a place where travelers can still feel a genuine sense of discovery and quiet pleasures as they meander back roads and walk on cobbles that haven't yet been polished by the soles of a million tourists.”

Ten years later in 2015  the Financial Times ran a story of a British couple moving to Le Marche because it was “Less swamped by tourists than Tuscany, Le Marche is dotted with olive groves, vineyards and medieval hilltop villages. Wedged between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine mountains, the couple were captivated by its landscape, from the white-pebble beaches and steep cliffs to the mountainside churches, monasteries and hamlets.” “There is a tremendous sense of calm and a real beauty,”. “It’s not a very well-known area. There aren’t many expats or foreigners here. That was the appeal. It’s real Italy.”(from “British Businessman finds the "real Italy" in Le Marche”, Financial Times)

One of advantages of choosing a small, intimate wedding   – as stated by a  website dedicated only to this kind of weddings -  is that “You have more options when choosing a venue. Since you won’t need a large space to accommodate your guests, many small wedding venues will be open to you. A smaller guest list means more creative venue options like bed and breakfasts, museums, art galleries and restaurants”. If you are wondering of tying the knot with a small intimate ceremony,  you are assured that Le Marche can offer a huge range of venues and possibilities to make your dream come true. Just have a look at our venues section and start preparing for your small intimate wedding in Italy.

Perhaps you would like to celebrate your real love in the “real Italy”, so if you are sure your wedding will be a small, intimate, precious moment of your honeymoon in Italy and/or  in Le Marche in particular, take your time to choose the place where you want your wedding to be set, decide on a possible date and contact  the venue or a on-site wedding planner  in order to be sure you will have a coordinator helping and assisting you in whipping your wedding into shape. Then  plan to arrive a few days early to meet the coordinator and  arrange things, just the way you want them.

Honeymoon-weddings can be the simplest to carry off, especially if the emphasis is on the honeymoon and you intend to tie the knot "secretly" abroad with no guests attending. In such cases, the resort provides all the accoutrements, including witnesses, if you need. You might send out announcements or even have a celebratory party when you return. These post-wedding parties tend to be less expensive and less stressful than the typical wedding ceremony  followed by a same-day reception.

By choosing a honeymoon-wedding you will be able to guarantee a great investment and fully enjoy the  most exciting and important trip of your lives, sharing the experience of leaving  for a stunning journey as fiancèes and coming back home as husband & wife after enjoying a unique and exclusive adventure, as well as visiting amazing places! 

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