Maison Monica Guzzini

Piazza G. Leopardi 1
Recanati (MC)

+39 340 3151718
Speaks English, French
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from € 1300 to € 3500
ceremony dresses
Veil,Headwear Accessories(Clips,Combs,Headbands,Pins)Hats,Gloves,Scarves,Shrug.


The specially made dress is a pleasure that never fades with the passing of time; a masterclass in patience and attention, research, passion and attention to detail.

Maison Monica Guzzini takes inspiration from the authentic values of this precious art. Our rich fabrics and refined style of dressmaking allow us to create custom made, unique clothes which perfectly capture the emotions and personality of the wearer.


Prodotti e Servizi

  • Custom Made Shoes To Go With The Wedding Or Ceremonial Gown
  • Dresses For Bridesmaids And Page Boys To Go With Wedding Dress
  • Home Delivery
  • Wedding Day Bridal Dress Assistant Provided 

Delivery Time

2 months from order.


  • Discounts of between 20% and 50% on bridal clothes collections.
  • Veil and wedding cushion given as gifts.
  • 10% discount onceremonial clothes for wedding guests.
  • 10% discount on personalised wedding favours.


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