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Via Caduti del Lavoro 4/P
Ancona (AN)

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from € 1000 to € 2600
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My name is Alessandro Silenzi, class '78. In my way of working I give much importance to human relationship, aware that establishing a good feeling with the pair leads to a result of success. I prefer to work with different optics, some of which are a bit out of the classical wedding standard, as wide-angles and fish eyes, obviously not forgetting the classic photos and attention to detail. I am always looking for the special shot and I like to explore situations always experimenting new angles and viewpoints.


I will be there alla day for the photo shooting, from the preparations to the party after the cake-cut.

The couple can choose among different services: from just photo shooting (with the delivery of ALL pictures in high resolution), up to full service which includes photo-book (different models and types), video and drone footage. In any package the chosen photos will be delivered in high resolution.

Alessandro Silenzi FotografIca is different because...

I'm different because I see a wedding day as a day to spend with a couple of "friends". There is no such thing as a CUSTOMER-SUPPLIER concept with me. This is the way I am, and I couldn't do it any other way. For me, being DIFFERENT is meeting with the bride and groom the day before the wedding for a beer ... or meeting with them for a barbecue while we flip through the album. That's what being different is to me, and that's what I am.

Whether I am also different from a technical/photographic point of view... just look at the portfolio :)



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