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Contrada Mozzavinci 16/17
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from € 76 to € 76
until 350 invited
meat and fish
wedding cake
swimming pool
ceremony on site
45 beds in hotel
100 beds nel raggio di 5Km


In the heart of Le Marche, surrounded by a green countryside, Country House Restaurant 'Le Case' welcomes you with its original philosophy of staying, by combining elegance, comfort and connection with the land. A warm and welcoming place, a quiet and family atmosphere that permeates all environments.


The versatility of the structure allows you to host your wedding reception by providing two splendid dining rooms, one painted with a maximum capacity of 150 people and one surrounded by greenery with a capacity of 350 people. You can also set up the ceremony outside under a large natural gazebo or in the park surrounding our property, on the terrace. Elegant buffets or cute country-nic to celebrate with originality.

Thanks to the experience of the chefs and the high level of the staff, we can guarantee a high quality of products and dishes made for a significant number of seats.

The receipt of your wedding is the moment where the guests after the ceremony share with you a special day. At 'Le case' every event will be unique and incomparable: the table, the buffet, the dishes and all the details will be treated carefully, to create a perfect union between shapes, colors and flavors.


The ceremonies will be designed solely for you, the setting will be in tune with your tastes and desires, nothing will be left to chance: the menu, the entertainment, the preparation, the wedding favors... everything will be created exclusively to represent you in the best way. You can set up the ceremony on site and use the following services:

  • Interior and exterior set-up
  • Banqueting and catering service
  • Organization of the events
  • Handmade favors and invitations
  • Car rental
  • Floral arrangements


Restaurant Le Case welcomes you in a charming environment, where to enjoy the tranquility of a simple and authentic life. The chefs prepare delicacies to be enjoyed, linked to traditional cuisine, all made with local products.

Sausages, pasta and desserts are all made by us. The meat and vegetables used in the dishes come directly from the organic farm of the family, where the animals live in the wild and vegetables are produced in organic growing, picked and selected by Mrs. Elvia that procures even the suplly of several wild herbs, widely used in the realization of the dishes. Whatever else is needed, is purchased from small local producers, all carefully selected.

Available menus of meat, absolutely fresh fish and vegetarian.


10% discount on weekday ceremonies.


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