Maggiolino Wedding

Via San Lorenzo 38
Cupramontana (AN)

+39 333 2831013
Speaks Italian

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from € 300 to € 600
Vintage cars of various kinds
For hire with driver
All the region
0 beds in facility
0 beds


A car for a ceremony on your special day. We provide the following cars:

  • Maggiolino Cabrio 1971
  • Fiat 2100 del 1960; Fiat 1100L del 1943
  • Citroën Traction Avant del 1952
  • Jaguar del 1999


Maximum availability for brides and grooms. 



Personalized service.

Maggiolino Wedding is different because...

Our service offers the following options, for example, with an alternative style. Musical accompaniment, during the journey, as agreed with the couple (the application involved is Spotify Premium). Stick for selfies for shots inside the car.



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