Did you know that in Le Marche you can get married in some of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy?

"Le Marche: Italy in one region", said a commercial a few years ago.

Never a phrase has been more apt to describe the beauty and charm of our land, the land of Leopardi! In fact  it has it all: the long golden beaches of the coast; the magnificent Conero promontory that falls into the sea; forests and national parks rich in Mediterranean vegetation; the vast expanses of fields covered with olive trees and vineyards that wrap between green and rolling hills; the mountain peaks of the Sibillini on the horizon; and again art, culture, architectural treasures, secular traditions, the flavors and unique fragrances of our cuisine ...

Not surprisingly, there's an increasing number of foreign couples who choose this region as the ideal place where to celebrate their wedding day.

Amid so much beauty, therefore, how to choose the location for your wedding? 

Here are some tips that will give you new insights and new ideas.

For the uninitiated, there is a private association called "The most beautiful hamlets in Italy" which promotes the small Italian villages that decide to join it with a status of "strong historical and artistic interest." The selection is made according to the integrity of the urban fabric, architectural harmony, livability of the village, artistic-historical quality of construction patrimony, public and private services to citizens. Well among these, as many as 20 villages belonging to our region have been awarded this recognition.

How not willing to marry in an enchanting, quaint, nestled hamlet situated in a landscape of the past? Here’s something that can satisfy even the most discerning and romantic minds!

Let's start with the province of Pesaro and Urbino. Rich of villages, this area offers so much choice! A fairytale hamlet surrounded by forests is Frontino, quiet medieval castle of 320 inhabitants, close to Tuscany and Emilia, from which inherits the warm hospitality and cordiality. While Macerata Feltria, enjoying a beautiful hilly landscape, is a medieval town rich in art and culture that dates back to the Romanesque period. Mondavio  is the other town of Pesaro, which has also been awarded the Orange Flag recognition; It rises amid the valleys of Matauro and Cesano and has a beautiful historical center, among the best preserved in the Marche. Mondolfo is also located in the same valley and is distinguished by the magnificent fortress that stands out, just 4 km from the sea, in an area rich in historical and culinary traditions. If you love a place where time seems to stand still, halfway between Pesaro and Urbino you can head to Montefabbri, whose residential area in an elevated position, gives to the little village a fascinating glance. Still we mention Monte Grimano Terme, a small town of Montefeltro, characteristic for its urban "spiral", with narrow streets that climb up to the peak of the hill, which overlooks the valley of the River Conca. And how could we miss to mention Gradara? Famous for the beautiful castle dating from the twelfth century, the village is located in an area rich in olive trees, vineyards and ancient culinary tradition, a few kilometers from the Adriatic Coast. It is a romantic place par excellence seen that the fortress and the village became the setting for the famous love story of Paolo and Francesca!

In the province of Ancona we find only two villages appointed by the association: Corinaldo and Offagna. The first one has its symbol in the imposing walls remained virtually intact from the fifteenth century, offering a long walk, almost a kilometer. It 'also known for the nearby vineyards that give rise to the renowned Verdicchio. The second one is distinguished by its fortress, built in the Middle Ages, whose location is overlooking a breathtaking view over the beautiful hills of the surrounding territory.

The province of Macerata is full of top-class hamlets. We begin with Cingoli, the famous "Balcony of the Marche" so named because of the extraordinary view it offers of the whole district, a village full of nooks and corners of great visual and emotional impact. Instead Matelica, the "heart of the Marche", is a gem whose square is dominated by the facade of the Cathedral and the majestic bell tower. Montecassiano enjoys an extraordinary landscape beauty and is one of the most livable, cozy and cultural-interesting little towns of our territory. Not far from the sea there is Montecosaro, a small castle on the hill that stands out to the sky, famous for its Romanesque church of Santa Maria a Pie’ di Chienti. San Ginesio is another village awarded not only the recognition of most beautiful village but also that of the Orange Flag; situated in an elevated position, it offers an extraordinary panorama stretching from Conero to Apennines, that has given it the name of "Balcony of the Sibillini". Montelupone instead, famous for its artichokes and honey, is one of the small towns that has best preserved the evidence of its rich history, with the original paving in stone and the castle walls with four entrance doors. About Treia, Sgarbi writes that "... there appears as a miraculous and miracouling accident, something unexpected and surprising, something halfway between the perception of objective reality and the timeless dimension of the vision." Finally, for those who love the mountain and the inland, we have Visso and Sarnano: one, a charming mountain town on the border with Umbria rich in history, called the "pearl of the Sibillini"; the other one a delightful well maintained village, with an historic center among the most beautiful to visit.

Just one included among the most beautiful in the province of Fermo. To accredit the title is Moresco, medieval village that resists the wiles of the time. It takes from the castle its ellipse shape and its location dominating the green Aso valley, well known for its fruit production.

Thus we come to the province of Ascoli Piceno. Grottammare, overlooks the Adriatic coast between the green of the pine forests, orange groves and palm trees, with its golden beaches and the clear light of the sea. The charm of the picturesque spots of the old town and the lush vegetation, composes a fresco of colors and forgotten scents. A charming village is also Montefiore dell’Aso, placed on a hill with a view that sweeps from the Sibillini Mountains to the sea, only a few km distant. The old town is well preserved: there are still significant stretches of town walls with doors and six defensive towers. So we come to Offida, village perched on a rocky outcrop whose old town is enclosed within the ancient castle walls, full of monuments of great historical, artistic and architectural interest.

Oh yes, it's certain that in our region there are many other charming hamlets that have not joined the "most beautiful in Italy" yet, but that are nevertheless magic places rich in tradition. From personal experience I can name two that are real jewels: Fiorenzuola di Focara, in the province of Pesaro and Torre di Palme in the province of Fermo. The first one is a very pretty village, almost above the sea, with views and small streets that cross the little hamlet and a restaurant with a beautiful panoramic terrace. While the second one, a village above Porto San Giorgio, is of fairytale beauty, almost out of time. With small streets that run through the center, all well groomed and adorned with climbing flowers of all kinds, it overlooks the sea too. In its square, there is a small but really nice church, perfect for those who like an intimate and cozy ceremony.

That’s all folks!

For any further information about getting married in our region do not forget to visit: www.matrimonionellemarche.com!

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