Getting married in Italy - Le Marche: the New Tuscany

In the countryside of central Italy beats the heart of a noble and ancient land, rich in culture, history, traditions and extra-fine culinary arts.

Among sea, mountains and rolling hills, ancient cities and modern rhythms, old castles and avant-garde health centers, the region of Marche is a whole world to discover.

From the coast to the interland nature offers multiple sceneries, suitable for any taste or need. The coastline is full of long sandy beaches, but also pebbly areas that reach the pinnacle with the impressive rocky promontory of Monte Conero; the Sibillini give a landscape rich in flora and fauna for those who love the mountain areas and the ancient medieval monasteries; the lakes are surrounded by a landscape capable of  conveying peace and tranquility.

Castles such as Gradara, charming villages where time stands still, landscapes set between the green and the blue, medieval towns rich in art and culture, maritime cities full of color and life, healthy and genuine food ... everything, absolutely everything, can be found in this region.

Le Marche is nevertheless particularly renowned for its marvelous hilly landscape, among the most beautiful in the world, which not surprisingly led to consider this region as "The New Tuscany". Green countryside full of flowers in Spring; lush fields of wheat, poppies and sunflowers during the summer months; generous landscapes of warm colors and inebriating scents in Autumn; suggestive sceneries under the white wintry blanket. A peerless show that only those who have visited or lived in this land can fully understand.

Getting married in Le Marche is therefore a magical and unique choice for those who want to say 'I do’  in Italy, the land of Love.

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